Traditional Dress of Bihar: A Glimpse into the Rich Cultural Heritage

Discover the vibrant and diverse traditional dress of Bihar, India. This comprehensive article explores the various traditional garments, their significance, and their impact on the cultural heritage of Bihar.


Bihar, a state located in eastern India, boasts a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its traditional dresses. These garments are not just pieces of clothing; they are symbols of history, identity, and community. In this article, we delve into the traditional dress of Bihar, exploring its diversity, cultural significance, and the stories they tell. Join us on this journey as we unveil the allure of Bihar’s traditional attire.

Traditional Dress of Bihar: An Overview

The traditional dress of Bihar showcases the state’s cultural diversity and historical legacy. While the attire varies among different communities and regions, certain common elements and themes bind them together. Let’s explore the diverse traditional dresses of Bihar.

1. Angarkha: The Elegant Garment

The Angarkha is a traditional garment worn by both men and women in Bihar. It features a unique overlapping pattern with ties on the side, creating a flattering silhouette. Women’s Angarkha is often adorned with intricate embroidery and mirror work, while men’s Angarkha is simpler in design.

2. Madhubani Saree: A Canvas of Art

The Madhubani saree, famous for its intricate hand-painted designs, is a pride of Bihar. The saree depicts stories from epics and folklore, making it a wearable canvas of art and history.

3. Kurta and Pyjama: The Classic Ensemble

Kurta and Pyjama are staple traditional attire for men in Bihar. The Kurta is a loose-fitting shirt, while the Pyjama is a comfortable trouser. This classic ensemble exudes elegance and simplicity.

4. Bhagalpuri Silk: The Queen of Silks

Bhagalpur, known as the Silk City, produces Bhagalpuri silk sarees that are renowned for their lustrous texture and rich colors. These sarees are a symbol of sophistication and luxury.

5. Tussar Silk: Elegance Redefined

Tussar silk, also known as “Kosa” silk, is another popular fabric in Bihar. Its natural gold sheen and durability make it a preferred choice for sarees and ethnic wear.

6. Sherwani: Regal Attire

Sherwani, a royal outfit adorned during weddings and special occasions, adds a touch of regality to the groom’s appearance. It is often paired with a matching turban and Churidar.

7. Kathi and Bhagaria: The Tribal Attire

Kathi and Bhagaria are traditional dresses worn by the tribal communities in Bihar. Kathi is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body, while Bhagaria is a skirt-like garment. Both showcase unique patterns and vibrant colors.

8. Bihar’s Bindi Tradition

The Bindi, a decorative mark worn on the forehead by women, holds cultural and religious significance in Bihar. It represents a woman’s marital status and is considered an auspicious symbol.

9. The Charm of Chhath Puja Outfits

Chhath Puja, a significant festival in Bihar, sees devotees dressed in traditional outfits. Women wear bright sarees, while men don Kurta-Pyjama or Dhoti-Kurta, adding a festive aura to the celebrations.

10. Bihar’s Traditional Jewelry

Bihar’s traditional dress is often complemented with exquisite jewelry pieces. From elaborate necklaces to ornate bangles, the jewelry reflects the state’s cultural ethos.

11. The Timeless Elegance of Patola Silk

Patola silk sarees, though not native to Bihar, are cherished by the people for their intricate designs and master craftsmanship.

12. Bihar’s Love for Phulkari

Phulkari, a traditional embroidery technique, is embraced by the people of Bihar. Colorful patterns adorning dupattas and shawls add a touch of femininity to the attire.

13. Sherpa: The Winter Wear

Sherpa, a woolen garment, is worn by both men and women during the chilly winters in Bihar. Its warmth and comfort make it a seasonal favorite.

14. Bihar’s Traditional Footwear

The traditional footwear of Bihar includes Jutti, Mojari, and Kolhapuri sandals. These are crafted with precision and artistry, making them a perfect accessory for traditional occasions.

15. The Vibrant Festive Attires

Festivals in Bihar witness an array of colorful and vibrant traditional dresses. From the vibrant Chhath Puja attire to the joyous Holi celebrations, each festival has its unique charm.

16. Saree Draping Styles of Bihar

Bihar boasts various saree draping styles, each reflecting the cultural diversity of the state. From Seedha Pallu to Kaccha Nivi, each style has its significance.

17. The Evolution of Bihar’s Traditional Dress

Over the years, Bihar’s traditional dress has evolved, blending modernity with tradition. Explore how the attire has adapted to changing times while preserving its cultural essence.

18. Role of Traditional Dress in Celebrations

Traditional dress plays a crucial role in festivals, weddings, and cultural events in Bihar. It fosters a sense of unity and pride among the people.

19. Influence of Bollywood on Bihar’s Fashion

Bollywood has a significant impact on fashion trends across India, including Bihar. Discover how Bollywood styles influence traditional dress choices in the state.

20. Handloom Revival in Bihar

Traditional Dress of Bihar

The handloom industry in Bihar has witnessed a revival, thanks to efforts to promote indigenous crafts and support local artisans.

21. Traditional Dress: A Cultural Legacy

The traditional dress of Bihar is not just a set of garments; it represents a living cultural legacy that is cherished by the people of the state.

22. The Art of Dyeing and Printing

Explore the age-old art of dyeing and printing textiles in Bihar, which results in the creation of stunning and unique fabrics.

23. Impact of Globalization on Bihar’s Dress Culture

Globalization has brought changes to fashion preferences, even in Bihar. Learn about the impact of globalization on the state’s traditional dress.

24. The Role of Government Initiatives

Discover how government initiatives have played a significant role in promoting and preserving Bihar’s traditional dress and craft.

25. Future of Traditional Dress in Bihar

As fashion trends continue to evolve, what does the future hold for Bihar’s traditional dress? Explore potential changes and challenges faced by this cultural heritage.


Q: What is the traditional dress of Bihar for men? The traditional dress for men in Bihar includes the Angarkha, Kurta-Pyjama, Sherwani, and traditional tribal attire like Kathi and Bhagaria.

Q: What is the significance of the Bindi in Bihar’s culture? The Bindi is an essential cultural symbol in Bihar, representing a woman’s marital status and adding a touch of tradition and beauty to her appearance.

Q: Are Madhubani sarees only worn on special occasions? While Madhubani sarees are often worn on special occasions, they are also worn casually by women who wish to embrace the art and heritage of Bihar.

Q: How has globalization influenced Bihar’s traditional dress? Globalization has introduced modern fashion trends to Bihar, influencing traditional dress choices among the younger generation.

Q: What makes Bhagalpuri silk unique? Bhagalpuri silk is known for its unique texture, lustrous appearance, and vibrant colors, making it a prized possession for saree enthusiasts.

Q: How has the handloom industry in Bihar been revitalized? Government initiatives and increased awareness of sustainable fashion have contributed to the revitalization of the handloom industry in Bihar.


The traditional dress of Bihar weaves a captivating tapestry of culture, history, and art. From the exquisite Madhubani sarees to the regal Sherwani, each garment reflects the essence of Bihar’s heritage. As fashion evolves and cultures intermingle, preserving and celebrating these timeless garments is crucial to keeping Bihar’s cultural legacy alive. So, embrace the allure of Bihar’s traditional dress, and experience the beauty of a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Traditional Dress of Bihar

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