Whether you live on the road or on a holiday, the number of gears needed for your camping trip or caravanning can add up quite quickly. There are emergency gear, adventure gear, cooking gear, sleeping gear, and personal items like toiletries and clothes.
While you may see camping as a simple way of living or holidaying, things begin to change when you try to fit in all your gears.
Smart storage and packing will help you manage your trip. It can be all the difference – everything arranged the right way. An organized and neat space gives you the freedom to relax and explore. You will also know where all your things are kept, so you won’t need to scatter all your gears just to get your toothbrush.

Below are the best caravan storage tips for your adventure.

  1. Only take the things you need
    Despite this obvious tip, many people still end up taking along ‘just in case’ items. The popular belief is that every item should be for a dual purpose when going camping or caravanning, and this works great when trying to reduce the number of items you are putting in your camper or caravan.
    Make a list of the items you need, then try to halve the list.
  2. Organise the gear into categories
    This tip aims to help you locate your gears and items easily, especially when you need them. By organising the gears into storage categories, you ensure that you know the exact place each item is. Consider your technology, tools, sporting gear, shoes, clothes, bathroom, and kitchen.
    Then, think of the best ways to store them. This largely depends on the setup, which might include bags, drawers, cupboard space, tubs, or the space in your car.
  3. Tubs are your best friend
    When traveling in your caravan or camper, you will need everything to be secure to stop items from rattling and rolling around. Big waterproof tubs are the best for tent camping or camper trailer camping. You can pack these into your trailer and stack them to form a part of the camp kitchen, and you can also stack them to create your bedside table. If there is a cupboard space in the caravan, you can get flexible tubs as they can be formed to fit perfectly into the awkward spaces.
    When it comes to keeping items, tubs are your best friends. They keep your items organised and neat. They can also be removed to get the things you are searching for fast. Everyone finds tubs easy to use, even kids, as they are not required to pull out all the items every time.
  4. Think about where you will keep your shoes
    Your shoes are separate from other items, like your dresses, so you need to separate them. They are sometimes bulky and can, at some point, become smelly. Many people put them outside the tent or caravan. This keeps your camper floor clean, and it also keeps out the odour.
    However, nothing is as worse than having a missing shoe due to it being discarded or flung away at the door. So, you need to consider putting your shoes in a tub and getting one with a lid, and this is to prevent bugs from making the shoes their homes.
  5. Setting up the outside space
    Outdoor activities are a big part of camping, and your time outside and outdoor living space is the focal point of camping. Consider setting up a living area, dining area, or outdoor kitchen and how you will use the space.