Dragon city breeding time calculator overview


The Breeding Time (time for the breeding to complete) is typically an honest clue on what the ensuing dragon are going to be.

Understandably you may agonize to understand what dragon you may doubtless get. Here’s however you discover out:

Breeding cave menu

If you decide on the Breeding Building right once you begin the breeding method, a window can pop asking you if you would like to hurry up the method.

  • If the method is shorter than Associate in Nursing hour, you may be obtaining a awfully basic Dragon — Terra, Flame, ocean or one thing like that. you will not even have time to ascertain the facts before your Dragon Egg is prepared for transfer to the property, and you may see what the egg seems like. Since that method is thus short, we can’t have to be compelled to trouble with the subsequent steps. ūüôā
  • If the breeding time shows over fifty minutes, take a glance at what number gems it’ll value you to hurry up the method. the subsequent chart is measured in hours, and therefore the range of gems = the quantity of hours.
  • Find the proper range of hours within the table following, within the area to the proper there’ll be an inventory of Dragons that have similar Breeding Time.
  • If you have completed the steps properly, among the list are going to be a minimum of one dragon that has a minimum of one component from every of the oldsters you bred.

That’s it, you currently have a plan of that Dragons you’ll be able to presumably to urge.


Time    Dragons

15 seconds      Terra


30 seconds      Flame, ocean and Flaming Rock


1 minute           Volcano


20 minutes       Nature


30 minutes       Electric


2 hours            Blizzard, Dark


4 hours            Waterfall


5 hours            Mud, Cloud and Nenufar


7 hours            Metal, Cactus, Star, Spicy, Firebird, lamp Fish, viscous and Tropical


9 hours            Platinum, Mojito, Snowflake, Moose, Venom, and Laser


12 hours          Ice, Coral, Chameleon, Storm, Laser, Hot Metal, Icecube, Dandelion, Medieval, Seashell, Mercury, Gold, Hedgehog, Dark Fire, pit viper, Neon, Zombie, Cool Fire, Soccer, Armadillo, Jelly, Hammer, Ivory, Joker, Block, Tiny, Pure, and every one distinctive Dragons

15 hours          Penguin, Pirate and Poo


16 hours          Alpine, Ice Cream, Fluorescent, Steampunk, Jade, Dragonfly, Battery, Pearl, Vampire, Carnivore Plant, fossil oil and Treasure

18 hours          Archangel

20 hours          Exclusive Dragons

24 hours          Justice, Sun, Luminsicent, Gaia, Photon, Rainbow, Cold Star, Fallen Angel

30 hours          War

32 hours          Prisma, Ice&Fire, Two Headed

36 hours          prodigious, Juggernaut, Leviathan, Red Woods, Tesla, Dark Stone, Nightwind, Panzer, Elfic

44 hours          Hydra

48 hours ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pure Hybrids — Pure Terra, Pure Sea, Pure Nature, Pure electrical, Pure Metal, Pure Ice, Pure Dark, Pure Flame, Pure Dark


50 hours          Legendary Dragons

51+ hours        Heroic Dragons (only in Breeding Event Island)

User Breeding Records

If you’ve got it slow to spare, please use it to stay a record of the subsequent and post it in your journal.

  • Breeding Date
  • Breeding Parent (in the left slot) & its level
  • Breeding Parent (in the proper slot) & its level
  • Breeding Time
  • Result (when breeding completes)

Here is that the code for the journal table, with a sample row crammed up.



This table solely works for the primary ten rows. Add row two like so:



Remember to fill within the blanks, use correct writing system and proper case (capitals and non-capital letters), otherwise you can get errors.

For the third row, simply amendment “2” to “3”, and so on.

Why keep records?

  • Well, typically you wish to breed another one. It helps if you recognize which folks to use, and what level they ought to get on.
  • Also, somebody else would possibly need to understand a way to breed an exact Dragon. The records can facilitate them. Who knows, perhaps sometime you may be that one that wants facilitate breeding a selected dragon.

What goes around, comes around.