How to avoid unwanted advertising on your Android Smartphone?


When observing pages that open automatically with messages like “Congratulations” or “Your Android device is in danger”, the first instinct is to close them and continue browsing. In this article we will teach you how to block pop ups on your terminal .


the Google browser options (which comes from the factory on our Android phone) it is possible to activate some options, which will allow you to block the reception of certain ads and pop-up windows so that it will be possible for you, in case you do not want to download another browser.

  • Press the Chrome symbol to start the browser
  • Press the symbol of the three dots that appear in the upper right part of the browser, this option is called settings
  • Select the Settings option
  • Press the option “Site Settings”
  • You must deactivate the Ads and Pop-ups and Redirection options, so that the

How to use an Ad Blocker or Ad Blocker?

Its task is by means of encryption compatible with that of advertising services, to block all messages and information that appear on the Internet that have the same coding as the program.

For computers these programs can be installed from webstores as complements.

But for mobile devices this is a bit different. Since many of the varieties of programs that can be found in the Appstores are browsers developed with an Ad Blocker as a strong point.

Many of these browsers are low-end and do not offer the advantages that stronger browsers like Opera and Chrome offer.

However, there are a handful of options on the market that can meet user needs. Here you will see a list of the most reliable ad blocking programs for Android.

AdBlocker Browser:

Adblocker Browser is developed by Rocketshield Inc. Who are the same company that develops Adblocker for computer browsers.

This browser allows you a totally ad-free browsing experience on your phone so that you can view the Really Important Content.

The browser when launched automatically blocks ad banners, ad videos (including YouTube), pop-ups, and redirect windows.

That is, it allows you to block 100% Pop-UP ads, while at the same time blocking the tracking of web behavior. So that the algorithms of some pages do not send you personalized advertising of any kind.

Web Dolphin Browser:

The browser has support for flash playback. So you can play multimedia content.

It has of course the built-in ad blocker that removes almost all of the advertising content.

It also has an incognito mode that does not store cookies of any kind. It can be synced between devices to save your settings and preferences.

And thanks to its download support and file manager, all kinds of files are very simple.

The browser supports external plugins. They can be installed for free and can be activated and deactivated at your convenience.

Brave Browser: Adblocker

It specializes in protecting your device’s security against external threats, such as viruses and hacks in a reliable and optimal way.

This company took the initiative to design a very robust browser in terms of security, which has a built-in ad blocker as the core of the entire product.

The program allows a very fluid and fast navigation.

Leave out the load of all unwanted material or that could be harmful to your equipment. It does not work with plugins, so the updates are very complete and come with everything incorporated.