toriko minority world Character Profile – Midora

toriko minority world


Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, will imitate and learn skills terribly quickly (picked up a way to suppress the minority in his body mid-fight with Ichiryuu), physical property (can mix in utterly with the scenery around him), able to management his tongue (shape, size, length, also can multiply his tongue), master of craving Energy, will produce meteor rain of damaging craving Energy projectiles, will consume objects along with his tongue (devours everything all the way down to the last atoms in its flight, that creates invisible rifts of void) and his Hungry area (said invisible rifts full of “unstoppable appetite”), “minority” atom manipulation (aka “defy physics”, through this he achieves biological [including nerve signals], gravity and earth manipulation, and possibly tons more), is in a position to mimick techniques, extraordinary possession and want to survive, able to produce Emperor Ring (vortex that forms once mighty beasts referred to as ‘Kings’ meet one another, aforesaid area is untouchable by lower beings and is controlled by the laws of the creators), connoisseur Cells (specialized cells with wonderful regenerative and strength-enhancing qualities that permits the user to evolve after they consume delicious foods that suit them and therefore the ‘tastes’ of their connoisseur cells, the cells also can evolve as a response to harsh new environments, instantly making diversifications which permit the user to survive, and might additionally initiate alternative self defense mechanisms for the body), contains a connoisseur Cell Demon that he will use to more power himself up, has connoisseur Luck (a type of restricted likelihood like manipulation ability)


Weaknesses: None notable

Destructive Capacity: system level+ (far superior to Teppei, self-admitted by Jirou to be too robust for him to handle, Accacia was complimentary of Midora’s power, and utterly ethered Joa) atomic level absorption via Hungry Tongue/Space

Range: many meters along with his tongue, planetary level+ with craving Energy projectiles (was able to shower Human World along with his Meteor Spice)

Speed: MFTL


Durability: system level+ (wholly shrugged off Joa’s strongest attacks, Jirou conceded Midora was too robust for him to him stop, and survived multiple attacks from Acacia)

Lifting Strength: a minimum of category P+, doubtless a lot of higher

Striking Strength: category XGJ+ (can communicate injury to the likes of tree along with his fists)

Stamina: powerful to an enormous degree, Food Immersion is probably going one in all his skills

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: High, is that the boss of Bishokukai, and one in all the folks possibly to get “GOD”, was able to work out a way to offset the organ failure impact of Ichiryuu’s Minority World whereas below the results of it (meaning his brain and nerve signals were fucked up, creating it a quite spectacular feat)


Notable Attacks/Techniques:


– connoisseur Cells: specialised cells with wonderful regenerative and strength-enhancing qualities. once somebody’s with success adapts connoisseur Cells into their body they gain overwhelming vital force and strength, making an excellent human. somebody’s connoisseur Cells increase in power after they consume delicious foods that suit them and therefore the ‘tastes’ of their connoisseur cells, inflicting the cells to ‘evolve’; this enhances the strength of the user and their skills. connoisseur cells also can evolve as a response to harsh new environments, instantly making diversifications which permit the user to survive. connoisseur Cells have terribly high energy demands, therefore people should consume frequent massive amounts of delicious food, lest the cells begin uncontrollably desirous their body at the cellular level.

  • Essential Oil: A volatile substance that’s emitted by trees, shrubs etc, that contains a perform as Associate in Nursing insect powder for insects.
  • Regeneration: it’s been shown that once the body is heavily broken, if there’s quality, well ready food within the system, any injury to the body are going to be reversed by the connoisseur Cells. this may be something from deep gashes to broken internal organs.
  • High potency Breathing: By conserving the maximum amount atomic number 8 as potential in his lungs, Midora’s connoisseur Cells considerably lower the whole quantity of atomic number 8 required to perform, similarly as lowering the whole quantity of atomic number 8 expelled with every breath, therefore stabilising the blood atomic number 8 levels in his arteries. The result’s high energy levels brought from a relatively smaller quantity of atomic number 8, high potency respiration. Exhalation is additionally stopped, that keeps body heat, moisture, and atomic number 8 within his body, and any greenhouse gas that’s contained within by not eupnoeic is expelled in a moment, whereas any keep atomic number 8 is straight away sucked back in.
  • Anti-Gravity Cell Vibration: Midora’s connoisseur Cells vibrate against one another to come up with an outsized quantity of electricity, to the same magnetic charge of a high gravity setting. What would ordinarily be a charge that is command in his body, is slowly modified to a additional charge. The result’s a charge standing against a charge, that will increase the repulsion in his body, creating the results of high gravity less pronounced. This but, consumes a high quantity of calories.

– Hungry Tongue: Medora will management the length, size, direction and kind of his tongue, that he uses as a whip to consume his target moreover as a weapon to assault his opponent(s). It’s potent enough to consume atoms round the ‘space’ it touches, even air, making invisible rifts of void.

  • Tongue of Thorns: Midora multiplies and changes the form of his tongue, that gains associate degree look of thorned whips. He will use it to attack from multiple angles.
  • Tongue Shield: Midora uses one amongst his tongues as a makeshift defend by spinning it speedily enough to create it seem to be a defend.
  • Mountain Tongue: Midora enlarges his tongue to a large size and uses it as a flail to counter incoming attacks and smash the opponent with its tip to the bottom.
  • Machine Gun Tongue: Midora releases a branch of uncounted tongues from his mouth that have a widespread vary of attack.

appetence Energy: The cellular energy of the connoisseur Cells, that represent the “hunger” of the cells. Through coaching and mastery in conjunction with large appetence, it is brought outside the body in numerous shapes and forms.

  • Meteor Spice: once manifesting his connoisseur Cells sort of a Stand, Midora launches a torrent of “spice”, “meteors” fabricated from appetence Energy”, from its mouth that rains down upon the topographic point (it affected the complete of Human World in Toriko)
  • Hungry Space: once creating “invisible rifts of void” together with his Hungry Tongue, Midora fills the void together with his voracious appetence Energy, making a “Hungry Space” that consumes something that touches it. once one thing have touched the “Hungry Space”, Midora learns the style of it, and might then direct the rifts of hunger directly onto his target.

– Minority World: In Toriko-verse’s laws of physics there’s a development that’s known as “Square Root Law”. This law describes that each assortment of atoms can have some atoms (the root of the total) with exceptional behavior, atoms that defy the natural laws governing the matter. however they defy physics isn’t uniform among the deviant atoms, however varies on an individual basis. These atoms square measure known as the “minority”, and Midora in an exceedingly position|is ready} to strengthen these minority atoms and unite them in a single abnormal behavior and impose it on the complete structure/body. traced from Ichiryuu.

Hungry Blow: it’s a punch powerful enough to cause associate degree explosion once the target hits the bottom. it’s initial used against tree.

Meteor Laser: Midora uses a touch of the ability of his connoisseur Cell Demon and he will fireplace powerful lasers, that square measure sturdy enough to prevent sturdy attacks from tree.

– Hungry Whip: almost like Hungry Tonge, though it’s range/vicinity is much superior, since it left even ”scars” to Toriko’s planet surface.