The best works according to the results of the jury’s assessments adorned the stands of the museum, and the authors of the works received diplomas and mementos. The award ceremony was attended by students of the Faculty of Geography of the Pomor State University. M.V. Lomonosov, who told everyone present about the dangers of plastic waste, as well as the benefits of ecological bags.

We very rarely think about the harm that plastic bags cause to nature conservation . After all, they are not recycled and decompose only after several hundred years, and when burned, they release toxic substances hazardous to health. In addition, it must be remembered that polyethylene is made from oil, that is, using such bags, we waste natural resources. Every year, because of the bags, a huge number of animals and birds die, swallowing polyethylene.

“Most European countries have long recognized the need to use eco-bags. They are very practical and, most importantly, environmentally friendly, and at the same time can last much longer than bags,” says Y. Rumyantseva, an employee of the Arkhangelsk branch of the environmental organization WWF Russia.